Lizard Orchid at Swaddywell Pit (26/06/17)

The most exciting news of the 2017 orchid season was the discovery of a single Lizard Orchid at the Swaddywell Pit reserve ….. probably a first for the area in recent times. Sadly, for most, it was a discovery too late to catch the Lizard in full glory and it was certainly well past its best by date when I picked up on the story but hopefully it will return in full glory in 2018.

Swaddywell Pit (09/06/17)

A trip to see the emerging Bee Orchids at Swaddywell Pit ….. not as abundant as 2016 on first appearances but still an impressive sight.

Swaddywell Pit (22/06/16)

A little early for the Bee Orchids and Pyramidal Orchids but a few were already showing well, including a range of colour variations for the Pyramidals.

Swaddywell Pit (June 2016)

A quick visit to Swaddywell found about twenty Bee Orchids in (single) flower with many to follow. Pyramidal Orchids were also present in large numbers but only just breaking into flower.

Sadly, the site appears to be struggling with rabbit damage with several orchid spikes standing bare with their flowers lying detached alongside them.

Good to see the first Meadow Brown butterfly of the season.

Swaddywell Pit Orchid Mutation (June 2016)

Another trip to Swaddywell showed the Bee Orchids to be 7-10 days away from flowering but there was a standout mystery white orchid which appears, after research and expert opinion, to be a “Peloric” Common Spotted Orchid mutation where the lip is replaced by a sepal or petal.

Swaddywell Pit Man Orchids (May 2016)

A quick targeted trip to Swaddywell to find a collection of Man Orchids growing on a very steep and hard to access bank behind the reserve HQ hut. Several stalks on view, some significantly larger than those seen at Barnack.

Bee Orchids at Swaddywell Pit (June 2015)

A visit to the wonderful Bee Orchid site at Swaddywell Pit. Plenty of slight flower variation but nothing of great note this year.